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“Excuse my French!” and other popular European sayings

As the final of this year’s Eurovision hits our screens tonight, I thought it would be apt to focus attention on English sayings that include a reference to a European country, city, nationality or language. So let’s kick off this post

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Culinary linguistics: 17 idioms about cooking

Chef: idioms about cooking

Like many others, I was recently glued to my TV wondering who was going to be crowned MasterChef 2015. As well as making me feel hungry, watching the contestants create culinary masterpieces got me thinking about common idioms and other

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Take your pick from this bumper assortment of Easter idioms

Easter idioms: bunny with eggs

Hot on the tails of my recent post on idioms about mums for Mother’s Day, this week’s blog takes a look at popular phrases and sayings related to Easter. Not surprisingly, most Easter idioms in English are associated with rabbits, chickens, eggs and

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