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“Excuse my French!” and other popular European sayings

As the final of this year’s Eurovision hits our screens tonight, I thought it would be apt to focus attention on English sayings that include a reference to a European country, city, nationality or language. So let’s kick off this post

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Irrefutable evidence that English is a funny language

As any non-native speakers learning English as a second language soon discover, English is a funny language! Not only has its vocabulary derived from several European language families, but there are also numerous paradoxes and inconsistencies that are a real test of

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A veritable feast of quotes for language lovers to savour

quotes about language

As a copywriter with a linguistic background I am – unsurprisingly – more than a little bit interested in language. Not just the finer points of grammar, spelling and punctuation, but also its etymology, usage and evolution. Following on from previous

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