SEO copywriting

SEO copywriting – also known as writing search engine friendly copy or optimised copywriting – is often described as much as a science as an art.

To be effective in an increasingly competitive online marketplace, SEO copywriting has to achieve a fine balance between addressing the very different needs of the human visitor and those of the search engine spiders.

The use of appropriate keywords is still important in SEO copywriting but it’s not the be-all and end-all. A key objective is to write content that’s relevant, useful and persuasive – and that matches user intent.

Above all, it needs to read well.

There’s simply no point in an SEO copywriter trying to shoehorn in as many targeted keywords and phrases as possible if it results in stilted, unnatural-sounding English.

Furthermore, as a result of recent Google updates, the focus has shifted from exact match keywords or long-tail phrases to variations of similar search terms around the same topic.

This means that SEO copywriting should now also incorporate a variety of synonyms and mixed-up tenses.

My solid experience in SEO copywriting will help ensure that your web content does exactly what it should – resulting in increased rankings, traffic, conversions and revenue.

I’m used to writing optimised web content and landing pages for pretty much any subject matter, from technology to health & beauty. So why not see how my established SEO copywriting service can help raise your profile online?

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