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36 nautical idioms to get you shipshape and Bristol fashion

Anchor and steering wheel

My recent adventure on the high seas (well, the North Sea to be precise) got me thinking about the numerous nautical idioms that permeate the English language. As an island nation, Britain has a rich maritime heritage. Our reliance on

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Bumper crop of gardening idioms for you to pick from

Gardening idiom: sow the seeds of

After visiting two delightful gardens last weekend – one belonging to the National Trust and a private one open under the National Gardens Scheme – I was inspired to research gardening idioms for this week’s post. As with most idiomatic

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21 idioms about exams every student should know

Idioms about exams

Seeing as a large number of schoolchildren in the UK are currently in the midst of external exams – whether that’s GCSEs, AS levels or A2s – a blog post covering idioms about exams seemed to be the obvious contender

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