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36 nautical idioms to get you shipshape and Bristol fashion

Anchor and steering wheel

My recent adventure on the high seas (well, the North Sea to be precise) got me thinking about the numerous nautical idioms that permeate the English language. As an island nation, Britain has a rich maritime heritage. Our reliance on

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An A-Z of lush wine terms to tickle your taste buds

As anyone who knows me will verify, I’m rather partial to the occasional glass of dry white wine – preferably a zesty Sauvignon Blanc from Down Under. As I’m also a word nerd, a glossary of wine terms seemed to

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Trench lingo: Linguistic legacy of WW1

This week marked the centenary of the start of the First World War on 4th August 1914. Although none of the brave soldiers who took part are with us any more, their legacy lives on in countless ways, including social

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